A new chapter, new face, but the legacy continues;

It is hard to believe the Macfarlane journey started nearly five years ago. No one can prepare you for starting a business from the ground up. It’s a voyage, an adventure, and a personal growth challenge that no other experience can provide.

Filled with wonderful memories that we will cherish for a long time.  The goal was to offer our patrons the best service, product, and environment to wine and dine, always paramount, and as such, it became our life. 

Ania & I have since been blessed with the birth of two wonderful children, and like all things over time, our focus has changed. In order to move forward, with the best intentions for our family and for the continued growth of the business, we are proud to introduce you to Matt.

In a welcomed turn of events, our handing over the brand to Matt, bridging old to new in the form of his brother Marek (who acted as my number two latterly in the kitchen) provides continuity to those returning to the restaurant. 

Matt has taken hold of the Macfarlane ethos and spirit and will drive our values forward and in doing so create his own version of the restaurant. We ask that you join, guide, and traverse this journey with him as he too will rely on all of the fabulous support that you provided us.

To everyone who supported us over the last five years, thank you.

To those who evolved from customers to friends, you know who you are, Slainte, stay in touch.

And to all of our staff over the years, who provided much drama, showed great support and loyalty, and gave your part to the success of the restaurant in your own way. Thank you, troops!

And to everyone looking to dine, old & new to the restaurant, go and enjoy Macfarlane, say hello to Matt and his staff, and take advantage of what I already can see to be a passionate and professional patron with an eye for success.

To finish like any other service,

“Goodnight folks and see you soon”.

Ewan, Ania, Skye & Stefan Macfarlane